6430 Carrier Mounted Crane

The only highway-speed, free-fall, 30-ton crane on the market, the 6430 is perfect for jobs from bridge work to cleaning canals.

C64 Crawler

This 25-ton capacity crawler offers exceptional traction around shorelines, easy-to-use controls and options for magnet work, lifting, and dredging.

SPR48 Workrane

When you need a true workhorse on the rails, look no further than the SPR48; the only 20-ton, lattice-boom, rail-dedicated crane on the market.

SPR64 Workrane

The 25-ton SPR64 is the ultimate machine for craning, magnet work, clamshell digging, or just moving materials.

64R Trakrane

The 25-ton truck-mounted lattice-boom 64R is proven in the field to be a powerful, multi-purpose Hi Rail or highway crane.

RC80 Rail Cart

Whether you're laying new rails or replacing worn sections of track, this high-capacity rail cart helps you get the job done faster.