Small Cranes

Cranes with lifting capacity up to 3 tm. Such models are usually installed onto trucks from 3.5 ton GVW. Easy to operate, they simplify your light loads daily operations and suitable for several applications. Some models are equipped with a proportional handheld button radio remote control „Easy Plus“. The small cranes range includes PM Series from 2.8 up to 3.9 P.

Light Cranes

Cranes with lifting capacity up to 14.2 tm. They can be installed onto small and medium-sized trucks from 3.5 ton to 32 ton GVW. Many models in this range have been improved with the new systems Plus/Radio – Easy, Basic and Advance, making them even more powerful, reliable and versatile when compared to similar models available in the market place. Your daily increased productivity leads to an immediate return on investment. The range of light-duty cranes includes PM Series from 4 to 14E.

Medium Cranes

Cranes with lifting capacity up to 21.3 tm. They are suitable for demanding jobs and many different applications. On all models in this range we implemented several technological innovations resulting in increased power and weight reduction. The proper implementation of electronics management increases the accuracy and safety in all operating conditions. The extensive standard fitted equipment makes this range particularly versatile. An absolute innovation in the medium range class is the configuration up to 7 hydraulic extensions which provides you with unprecedented outreach when compared to similar models available in the market place. The medium-sized cranes range includes PM Series from 16 up to 23.5 SP.

Heavy Cranes

Cranes with lifting capacity up to 84 tm. They are the ideal choice for extreme demanding conditions. Taking into account the heavy jobs for which they are used, such models are characterised by high technological innovation starting from the design phase. As a matter of fact this range provides high-power, speed, long outreach and guarantees smooth control in total safety in any operating conditions. The top of the range is PM100SP. It is a powerful crane, but also compact and lightweight thanks to its new design, high-tensile materials and new electronic devices.

Vehicle Recovery

The 4 models PM recovery vehicles range is called Lift Away. PM12LA, PM14PLA, PM17LA, PM19PLA. They are stiff boom versions, extremely light but with remarkable load capacity. The difference between the various models their lifting capacity and the possibility to fit them with or without remote control. On all models you can choose several accessories to enhance their functionality.

Power Lift

The WB is the ideal solution for the delivery of plasterboard panels. Designed for the American market it is available in 3 versions with outreach to 56', 65', and 74'. Power and lightweight are the features of the PL. Designed to work hard they are used in the last 20 years by major American companies. Thanks to its advanced electronic system "Power Tronic" the crane always operates safely and with high performances. In combination with its proportional load sensing control valve bank the crane is smoother and in the same time moves faster. Technology at work.


PM offers customers a wide range of hydraulic accessories that will increase the efficiency and scope for use of the cranes with which they are used. The main feature of the accessories provided by PM is high quality, which means increased power and productivity in everyday operations.